[DEPRECATED, use docker as replacement] Install RPM Based Distros, e.g. SuSE or Fedora, in chroots (for schroot) in an Ubuntu. This is the old method, now I'm using docker.
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Debootstrap for RPM Distros on Ubuntu

DEPRECATED, use docker as replacement, see build-in-docker.sh as part of bootstrap-build-environment

Downloads SuSE environments from the openSUSE homepage and installs them into schroot environments.

See scripts/susebootstrap.sh.

I used that to «cross compile» packages for suse and fedora on an ubuntu server. But now I don't use these scripts anymore. To get I suse build environment, I simply use docker:

docker run --rm -it opensuse bash

I have special images prepared for my builds:


docker run --rm -it mwaeckerlin/rpmbuildenv:amd64-opensuse-leap

This is all part of my bootstrap environment, that installs a nice script build-in-docker.sh.