Development Tools and Scripts

Test your websites with this simple GUI based scripted webtester. Generate simple testscripts directly from surfng on the webpage, enhance them with your commands, with variables, loops, checks, … and finally run automated web tests.

Updated 2 months ago

Template to bootstrap configure/automake projects for C++, libtool, Qt, NodeJS, PHP, Shell-Scripts, etc. Extends autotools, by building packages for Debian and RPM, specifying generic library dependencies, creating desktop applications with icons, etc.

Updated 3 months ago

Install RPM Based Distros, e.g. SuSE or Fedora, in chroots (for schroot) in an Ubuntu. This is the old method, now I'm using docker.

Updated 1 year ago

Scripts to generate Ubuntu and Debian docker images or chroot environments, i.e. used for building packages for these environments.

Updated 1 year ago

Converts subversion repository to git.

Updated 1 year ago