Development Tools and Scripts
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Test your websites with this simple GUI based scripted webtester. Generate simple testscripts directly from surfng on the webpage, enhance them with your commands, with variables, loops, checks, … and finally run automated web tests.

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Template to bootstrap configure/automake projects for C++, libtool, Qt, NodeJS, PHP, Shell-Scripts, etc. Extends autotools, by building packages for Debian and RPM, specifying generic library dependencies, creating desktop applications with icons, etc.

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Install RPM Based Distros, e.g. SuSE or Fedora, in chroots (for schroot) in an Ubuntu. This is the old method, now I'm using docker.

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Scripts to generate Ubuntu and Debian docker images or chroot environments, i.e. used for building packages for these environments.

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Converts subversion repository to git.

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