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Icinga Check Scripts

Various check scripts for use in icinga.

All scripts support option --help, so call ./scriptname --help for more information.

Icinga plugin to check load average per CPU. Shows 1min, 5min 15min average per CPU. Different to check_load, the load is divided by the number of CPU units and therefore normalized. So the same warning and critical levels fit for any server.

If a server's load is often high, you can find tipps in Isolating Linux High System Load, in short words:

  • see the load average in uptime
  • check system logs with dmesg
  • see vmstat:
    • high WA (wait) column: CPU is often waiting, you probably have high disk load
      • check swapsi and so, if they are often much above 0, you are out of memory
        • check memory usage of processes with ps awwlx --sort=vsz
        • solution: add more memory
    • if cpuID (idle) is around 0, your CPU is overloaded
      • if SY (system) is high, there could be large directories, e.g. mail spam
      • if SY (system) is high, it could be the firewall iptables
      • if US (user-space) is high, check with top for CPU consuming processes
    • if iobi and bo (in/out) are high, check with iostat or sudo iotop

Icinga plugin to check whether a given mountpoint is available. Detects problems, e.g. with glusterfs: In case of a problem, there is an error message such as "socket not connected". Called with path to check.

Icinga plugin to check whether a given path is writable and checks the performance of the given path. Detects problems with the filesystem or specific io performance. Writes a test file using dd and reports write speed. It is recommended to use a subdirectory tmp for writing test files.

Icinga plugin to check gluster geo replication. Returns OK, if no connection is Faulty and one connection is Active. Returns CRITICAL, if one connection is Faulty- Returns WARNING, if no connection is Active.



Checkout to a path, e.g. /opt/icinga-checks:

cd /opt
sudo git co


cd /opt/icinga-checks
sudo git pull


Go to Icinga Director, in Commands add one:

  • Command type: Plugin Check Command
  • Command name: load per cpu
  • Command: check_by_ssh

After adding the command, add the following parameters:

-C /opt/icinga-checks/
-H $$

The last argument -oStrictHostKeyChecking=no is a key only ith no value.

To check mountpoint of /var/volumes use argument name -C with value /opt/icinga-checks/ /var/volumes.

Then create a new Service Template, give it a name. e.g. load per cpu and assign the check command just created.

Finally add a service, again you can use the same name and import the template just created, then assign the hosts to check. I use a host template for all linux servers, so the command is run in each of them.

Don't forget to deploy the activity log in Icinga Director.