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Browse Your Downloaded Videos on Internet
# Purpose
PHP based video webserver that exposes a local path containing videos to the internet.
VideoWeb is thought for people who want to remotely access their personal movie collection. If you download movies e.g. using torrents, you can easily make them accessible in your local network using an UPnP/DLNA server, such as [minidlna](, [ushare]( or [mediatomb]( But as soon as you want to stream your folder of movies through internet, there are only very few, very limited solutions (e.g. [vlc](
## Features
- Share a folder and subfolders to internet.
- Lookup and download movie poster from the internet.
- Extract and display thumbnails of the movie.
- Access control through Apache configuration.
- Browsable gallery.
- Thumbnails with movie poster.
- Play movies in browser.
- Download movies.
- Stream movies to local client (i.e. [vlc](
# Planned Improvements
- Support for subfolders.
- CSS-Styling, nice design.
- Automatically sort movies to genre specific subfolders.
- Manual thumbnail search.