LaTeX-Template for inline images (base64 encoded).
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#!/bin/bash -ex
./configure --prefix=/ --docdir=/ --with-latexdir=/
make all
file=$(sed -n 's/AC_INIT(\[\(.*\)\], \[\(.*\)\], .*/\1/p'
version=$(sed -n 's/AC_INIT(\[\(.*\)\], \[\(.*\)\], .*/\2/p'
DESTDIR=$(pwd)/${file} make install
tar czf ${file}-${version}-ctan.tar.gz ${file}
DESTDIR=$(pwd)/${file} make uninstall maintainer-clean
for d in $(sed -n 's/SUBDIRS *= *//p'; do
rmdir ${file}/${d}
rmdir ${file}
set +x
echo "====================================================================="
echo "File is ready for CTAN upload:"
echo "${file}-${version}-ctan.tar.gz"
echo "====================================================================="